University Delegates Network

Who we are

The University Delegates (UD) network keeps the health research community, universities and affiliated institutions, informed of CIHR direction, initiatives and decisions. Acting as a key link with institutions by facilitating interactions and communications with CIHR, members actively participate and raise awareness on important topics faced by the research community. Read the UD Terms of Reference

The University Delegates Advisory Committee (UDAC) provides support to the University Delegates (UD) network by ensuring that relevant topics and important issues facing the Research community are brought forth for discussion and examination. UDAC members also act as a consultation group for CIHR staff on research related policies, programs, peer review, and relevant Corporate matters. Read the UDAC Terms of Reference

Know your delegate!

Is there a topic or issue you would like to see addressed at an upcoming UD meeting? Would you like more information about a specific meeting or discussion topic? Contact your UD.

Engagement activities

UD network members engage with CIHR throughout the year:

More information on these meetings and the topics covered for each is available on the Engagement Activities page.

Contact us

For general enquiries about CIHR’s programs, policies and initiatives, contact the CIHR Contact Centre at

For UD-related information, contact the CIHR UD mailbox at

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